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Seam Risk Solutions provides Women Safety and Security, Self-Defence Workshop & Training in Gurgaon, India by Women Security Officer as per your need. We will trained you tricks & techniques on self-defence, Security Guard Training & Soft Skills etc.


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My Security My Responsibility’ is an association which specializes in providing self-defense training to men, women and children.

With the help of these workshops, one can create safe and secure environs for themselves, as well as their fellow citizens. With training centres across Gurgaon and nearby areas, we strive to increase the self-confidence of Indian citizens, and equip them with combating techniques, which would enable them to fight against crime and violence.

Many people misconstrue that the self-defense tactics for men and women are the same. However, personally we believe that self-defense for women is a different and complex technique. A brawl between two men, and that of a woman defending herself from a man – are two very disparate scenarios. Almost all women, at some point or the other, become victims of violent crimes. Incidents of eve teasing and rape have become very common. The best way out is to empower oneself with the right information & technique.

By conducting Self-Defense trainings and camps at schools, colleges, communities, and public places, we aim to reach out to all men, women, and children, of our society, to prepare them physically & mentally to confront untoward incidents. We believe that parents should allow their girl child to master any form of martial art, which would enable her to protect herself from violence and harassment.

Women empowerment initiatives through both corporate engagement and CSR actives as giving below tittles :-

  • Women self defense workshop and seminar
  • Sexual harassment at workplace –Posh workshop
  • Self Defense , Security and Safety training and Legal rights and women health at workplace.
  • Security Guard training ,Enhancement Optimization- Security is in my DNA- Female Guards


Powered by a formidable team of professional instructors, we impart specialized trainings to organizations in the domains of safety and security.

Through our impactful training programs, we enable employees to comprehend the principles of awareness, implement preventative strategies, and recognize warning signs. Our team of seasoned security professionals and industry experts specialize in offering valuable knowledge and practical solutions for improving alertness of surroundings and application of effective crime avoidance techniques. With the help of these workshops, we ensure that employees imbibe a higher sense of responsibility in maintaining a safe & secure environment for themselves and their co-workers. Some of the customized trainings offered by us include the following:

  • Training of Emergency Response Teams
  • Evolving Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Drills
  • Fire Safety Training including Fire Safety Drills and Building Evacuation Plan
  • Training for Fire Wardens & Fire Fighting Staffs
  • First Aid including CPR
  • Road Safety Training (Defensive, Tactical, and Evasive Driving)
  • Women Self-Defense and Safety
  • Work Place Violence
  • Table top exercises to combat terrorism
  • Basic and Specialized training to security personnel on security equipment such as CCTV, Hand Held Equipments, and Baggage Scanners
  • Men and Women - Worst Case Scenario
  • Security Guard - Soft Skills, Discipline, and Site Training Related Issues
  • Corporate Trainings - Motivational, Behavioral, and HR Related topics
  • Soft Skills & Etiquettes

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