At Seam Group Services, the core revolves around providing a proactive and high level of security coverage to our esteemed clients. With a commitment to ensure supreme standards of safety and privacy, our Executive Protection services provides peace of mind to our clients, thereby enabling them to remain focused on their day-to-day functioning. We comprehend that to provide an effective protection service, it is imperative to first understand the client’s requirements, profile of the traveler, the travel program, and the associated risks. Based on these factors conjoined with our skills, foresight, experience, and intelligence information, we co-ordinate each assignment, by working on strategies and logistics, right from the Arrival at the airport - Hotel – Meetings - Seminars - local sightseeing – shopping etc.

With an objective of precisely meeting our client’s needs and profile, protection agents deployed by us undergo a rigorous screening in terms of experience, skill set, personality, qualifications, and working style. Our team of highly trained agents works on the theological ground of protecting the well-being of the customer by identifying potential threats and mitigating risks. Reasons why one should opt for our Executive Protection Services are as follows:

  • We provide an array of Executive Protection agents, including Close-in, Standoff, Unarmed, and Unobtrusive professionals.
  • Our protection agents are not mere bodyguards, but they also play the role of advisors.
  • All our security professionals possess adequate skill set and training to provide an optimum level of security to our clients.
  • We provide specialized protection services to celebrities, executive travelers, senior professionals of corporate houses, and media personnel.
  • We adopt Route Surveys to determine the fastest and safest route for the intended destination of our clients, including the nearby medical facilities.

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