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Veena Gupta: A TEDx Speaker, India's first female bodyguard and recipient of the prestigious GOOGLE ICON 2022 #SEARCH FOR CHANGE award. She is India's Top Motivational Speaker and Women Empowerment Advocate

Veena Gupta, recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in India, is an exceptional public speaker with a remarkable portfolio. She has earned acclaim for her motivational speaking prowess.

With a focus on empowering people, She stands as a prominent figure among motivational speakers. She is renowned for her expertise as a business and success coach, providing invaluable guidance to CEOs, business professionals, and emerging leaders. Veena Gupta's specialization lies in leadership development, enhancing human peak performance, and fostering emotional intelligence.

In addition to being a peak performance and mental strength coach, Veena Gupta's achievements have secured her a place on the esteemed list of top motivational speakers in India. Her inspirational journey has become a beacon of hope for aspiring individuals seeking guidance and motivation.

Veena Gupta proudly offers her public speaking services, covering a wide range of topics including motivation, self-defense, and security. With years of experience in the field, she passionately shares her knowledge and expertise with diverse audiences. Her speeches not only inspire but also provide practical tips and insights into personal security.

Why should you have Veena gupta on board for Posh and self defence training.

  • Women safety is her passion
  • She is a law graduate
  • She is Founder of NGO to be associated as external members for ic
  • She is Google icon for martial arts and Self defence
  • She is Founder of Seam Risk Solution
  • She works with all authorities to understand the gravity of laws and systems
  • She is author of women safety book
  • She has women safety App
  • She is foundly known as India's first female body guard
  • She is Tedx Speaker
  • She is life coach
  • She is influencer
  • She is mother

If you are organizing an event and seeking a dynamic and engaging speaker, Veena Gupta is the ideal choice. Contact Veena Gupta today to bring her empowering message to your audience and help them live their best and safest lives. Together, let us inspire and empower others to achieve greatness and drive positive change.