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Seam Risk Solutions's is one stop solution our operations and corporate culture is built on fundamental values which have helped us shape a long term, successful enterprise, by creating value for customers and employees.

Seam Risk Solutions's is one stop solution our operations and corporate culture is built on fundamental values which have helped us shape a long term, successful enterprise, by creating value for customers and employees. Seam Risk Solutions success is ultimately measured by the trust we earn in our clients and communities. The company thrives on the proud fact that it is founded and administered by a Woman, Nurturer to protect.

Seam Risk Solutions focus on providing a wide set of solutions in such areas as Consulting, risk management, compliance and security system design, managed security services, threat intelligence and analytics. Our wide set of solutions is aimed to help clients respond to rapidly changing security needs and threats, Seam Risk Solutions, is a leading corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhances competitive advantage. The corporate risk landscape in India has gone through paradigm shifts and Seam Risk partners with clients to de-risk their businesses from the.

One stop organization covering the entire spectrum of risk management. Holistic approach covering people, process and technology. A team of experienced professionals, including personnel with varied certification and competitive background, having hands on experience of having executed a large number of projects and the capability to operate at any location in India. Highly developed deliverables of risk assessment, integrated security system design, BOQ and security equipment specifications and the capability to work on AutoCAD drawings. The deliverables have been developed for international standards.

Breadth of coverage: Seam Risk has PAN INDIA presence with office in all major cities. These offices are staffed by a combination of locally recruited personnel and expatriates, who blend local expertise and language skills with global professional standards, our consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds and industries including the legal profession, law enforcement, journalism, accountancy, consulting, investment banking and the security services. Depth of experience: Seam Risks have more than 20 years of experience advising clients in complex and hostile environments in a broad array of situations. Flexibility and commercial understanding: Seam Risks tailor its reports in format, scope of work, and timescale to the specific commercial needs of the client.

Objectivity and independence: Seam Risks are controlled by its employees. There is therefore no pressure from external shareholders to compromise the objectivity of its analysis.

24X7 Crises Command Center.

Seam risks operate a command center to facilitate 24x7, 365 emergency and non-emergency security services for our clients. The Center serves as a global information hub, monitoring emergent and developing world events around the clock.

These security professionals are the vital communications link between our clients and consultants in need of security assistance and their Global Security resources. During emergency events, the Center coordinates emergency services, business continuity, and emergency recovery efforts to minimize business disruption. The command center acts as a Security's primary point of contact for all security related issues.

Expertise in Women Safety.

We get it! We're everyday women, just like you, who stumbled into the self-defense world as adults and simply fell in love with how powerful the knowledge and training made us feel. That's what motivated us to dedicate our lives to teaching what we know of other women; and it's exactly what we work to make sure our students achieve from working with us: a refreshed and powerful sense of confidence, worthiness, and awesomeness. We don't give you personal power, it's already in you! Our job is to help you reconnect to it, or to strengthen and hone it if you're well on your personal power path. We're here to educate and to catch you, but more importantly, to support you in the way that's best for you.

First as students of the Israeli self-defense system of KravMaga and then as educators and coaches of self defense. We recognized the huge impact that our training had on our lives and felt a calling to help other women experience the same type of trans-formative experiences. For years we have built our business around empowering women, offering an alternative to the very formal, traditional martial arts, the uber-aggressive military approach of many reality-based self-defense systems, and the overtly feminized bedazzled, sparkly, and pink women-only programs. From day one we offered opportunities for real women, just like us, to learn the essentials of protecting themselves and their families while having fun and connecting with other like-minded ladies. For most women (ourselves included) the thought of having to defend themselves or their family members against someone who wants to do them harm is one of the scariest things they can imagine. We promise to never minimize that fear. We promise to never judge that fear. We promise to be open, honest, and up-front about our own experiences with that fear. We promise to provide content and training environments that are positive.

Project Management

Project management, then, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements and the processes fall into five groups:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

We undertake complete project management of Electronic security system and fire detection & fire suppression system, we deliver advanced technology inspired security systems, from integrated CCTV systems to e-Gates, explosive detecting systems, walk through metal detecting systems, traffic bollards and road block system.

We treat all our projects as unique and ensure that they are expertly managed to deliver the on-time, on-budget results, learning and integration that organizations need.

Our Project management knowledge draws on the following areas of importance.

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality Procurement
  • Human resources
  • Communications
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management

We always look for long term relationship with our clients by taking their needs into account right from designing to installation and support. Seam risks have earned a good name in the market, owning to better treatment and timely response that we give to our clients.

Tie Up with Government Bodies

We collaborate with various government identities such as state Police, Development departments, Department for Women & Children for various CSR and Society development related programs. With the help of government departments, we also run training classes to empower the youth of the country with skill sets which make them more employable and more productive in their work environment.

Women in Executive Protection

Seam risk is proud of the fact that we are one of the few companies which has the capabilities of providing highly trained and experienced women for Executive protection. It is our core belief that women are equally capable of doing this job and we have broken the stereotype which says that that protection is best provided by burly men in black. From a protective point of view, women have another important advantage: we blend in better.

We also house the depth and capabilities to provide female security officers for various business and corporate houses. Many of our clients want security, but they are not into broadcasting that they have got it or putting up obvious barriers between themselves and the people they meet in their travels. Many times people have assumed that women EP is clients PA or nanny and that is fine with us. In addition to the tactical advantage this allows, it diminishes the whole spectacle of protection and lets the principal get on with her or his life the way they like. Women can easily go where Men can not including dressing rooms and bathrooms and if the principal is a female, this clearly can matter from a security point of view.

NARI SAKTI-WOMEN EMPOWERMENT - An Initiative By Veena Gupta (L.L.B.)

Veena Gupta (L.L.B.) introduces its first team of Women Lady Body Guard Wing, specialized in security services. Special team selected for security training for females by industry experts on Mixed Martial Art.

Self strength, self esteem Self response and zeal to grow as an individual overcoming through augmented approach and appropriate implementation of Mixed Martial Art. The agony and pain well tendered to learn the ropes of self defense techniques, our first attempt of creating a superhuman team, which will break the shackles and look beyond the conventional concept of society and narrow thinkers who say WOMEN CAN'T.

We believe that no matter what your gender, there a lot to love about working on an EP. You are constantly challenged both mentally and physically, and that keeps you sharp. You have the chance to apply the skills and knowledge as no two days are the same. No matter what your gender, what’s really important regarding job satisfaction is the quality of your team.

Strategic Approach and Wide Knowledge of the Industry for Different Business Needs

Seam Risk Solutions has several operations running Pan India, providing integrated security solutions in Physical Security, Electronic Security, Risk Assessment Consultancy, Executive Protection, and Event Security & Remote Command Center.

Seam Risk Solutions has the desired infrastructure, team of experts, technologically advanced capabilities and the bandwidth to achieve the set milestones. Our strong background and vast experience of last two decades gives us the leverage to skilfully handle all sizes of facilities and projects.

Seam Risk Solutions has the winning composition of extraordinary capabilities, ideal competencies and striving talent which results in our creditable customer satisfaction.

Close Monitoring and Solution on Customer Requirement

We believe that trust is the foundation of leadership. We have grown from strength to strength due to our ability to form trusting relationships with customers and stakeholders. Our philosophy of growth stems from our intrinsic ability to seamlessly manage change, our uncompromising focus on quality, and our resolve to meet the growing expectations of our customers, .As a result, SEAM RISK SOLUTIONS has grown to partner with many delighted customers across the country.

We strive and constantly work towards achieving and sustaining a leadership position in the industry by providing unmatched services to our customers and creating exceptional value for our stakeholders. Our stringent Quality-of-Service policies ensure that our customers get ethical, efficient, and effective services. We regularly update our Quality Management Systems to ensure that our customers always get the best and the most advanced quality of service that the industry has to offer.

Foundation for Various CSR Activities

We at Seam Risk Solutions are in the business of serving people. An essential prerequisite of keeping people safe is the willingness and the compassion one needs to have to make that extra effort and help people in their times of need. We believe that we owe our work and success not only to the people who make it possible, but also to the society at large, we believe in selfless service for the lesser privileged.

Many of our clients also initiates their CSR activities through us for the reason that we work closely to the ground and give input to our esteemed clients on which CSR activities can be planned and implemented.

VIP Protection

Strikes, political unrest, community protests, crime and so the list goes on. These are all factors that add to the risk portfolios of executives, travelers, entertainers and your own family. Seam Risk Solutions provides specialist VIP protection services. Our highly trained and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPO's) are deployed to assignments.

Our members operate on a principle of always present, but seldom noticed. The image of a bodyguard wearing a dark suit and black sunglasses does not sit well with the men and women of our protection teams. These absolute professionals firmly believe that the criteria for successful VIP protection is based on solid planning advanced preparations, route reconnaissance, threat assessments and conflict avoidance. With 20 years of executive protection experience, we have learnt that our clients value discreet, well managed protection over robust, overbearing, bodyguards.

Our VIP Protection services provide a holistic approach to close protection. Essentially, this means that every conceivable aspect that could or would impact on the health, wealth, reputation and safety of our client (principal), is dealt with in a suitable manner. Transportation, routes and destinations are carefully analyzed and all conceivable risks are identified and adequate plans are made and put in place. Residential and hotel security is considered and, where needed, the principal is advised.

It is important to point out that body guarding is, in fact, a very loose term used to describe a practitioner. However, CPO's operate on many different levels. In a professional environment, CPO develops their skills in areas of preferred expertise. Essentially, this would mean that no one bodyguard is an absolute expert in all the levels/fields of close, personal protection. We categorize our CPO's into specific operational groups based on the CPO's actual field of expertise.

Exclusive Services for Aviation Security

At Seam Risk Solutions, we ensure the safety and comfort of our esteemed clients, at every stage of their trip. Backed by a team of highly trained professionals, our Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation department offers amicable and competent services to our customers. We precisely comprehend the feeling of landing in an unfamiliar place. We understand that under such circumstances, a reassuring face evokes a sense of complacency and security to the traveler, thus enabling him to feel at ease. Services rendered by us.

Training Of EP

We do what they call Protection training for Protectors, We are honored to have been providing training in our concept of personal protection techniques for personnel assigned to the best government, private and corporate protective teams. Our graduates have gone on to continue training and practicing the techniques we have created; and in so doing, have created a new professional career field.

Our obligation includes imposing selection standards for all of our students with applicants carefully screened prior to admittance. Our training techniques allow us to blend inexperienced novices with season practitioners. We are seeking to train motivated, dedicated men and women who are sincerely interested in learning how to provide the very best personal protective services and make a personal commitment to this profession.

Our protective Agents are trained, experienced men and women of all ages who are capable of performance in business and social environments domestically or internationally. Our Personal Protection Specialists are experienced and selected for their assignments from among the pool of experienced Associates. Our associates have earned respect and recognition through the continues.

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