Executive Protection Planning

We identify, assess and control and mitigate risks for high net worth individuals and undertake contingency planning to mitigate worst case scenarios. by creating the time saving strategies and logistics right from the Arrival at the airport - Hotel – Meetings - Seminars - local sightseeing – shopping etc. The most important role we play is at the time of natural or manmade Disaster and we work on Evacuation procedures in an eventuality of the occurrence of a contingency.. During the clients stay at the location we make them feel safe and secure with our meticulous planning and execution of the entire itinerary. Once you have an agenda or itinerary we execute the same in terms of planned logistics -operations keeping in mind your safety and security while you’re working. We take over your headache and pressure so that you can save your valuable time and focus on more important things. We use well-trained and specialized security personnel to partner with you. They are generally between 30 to 45 years of age; typically a mix of youth and experience who are qualified to monitor, analyze and initiate response. Back-end operations normally involve intelligence gathering, handling of electronic & technical equipment, crowd control, media response, coordination with government agencies, local law enforcement agencies, fire stations and medical personnel.

The year 2005 onwards she had been running her own group successfully single handed which is self funded and for enhancing her skill further she is pursuing the CPP certification.

  • Our expertly-trained team of security personnel is professional and highly reliable.
  • Agents are dedicated to their work, and have been carefully handpicked through an extremely thorough recruiting and interviewing process.
  • Group head “ Veena Gupta” oversees all operations personally and individuals selected for the same are handpicked by her.
  • Till now she handled highly esteemed corporate clients like: Sam Zell ET International, Bell Helicopter, Amway, Western Union, Fair Isaac, Quintiles, Eagle, Adobe, Goggles, Kodak-USA, Wal-Mart-USA, ADP-USA, Lenovo-USA, Net Jets-USA, Adobe-USA, Barclays Bank-Hong Kong, Novelis (Aditya Birla Group)-USA and many more.

Special assignments handled by her are Executive Protection including logistics and security for Prince of Hungry along his wife for marriage ceremony of LIZ Hurley and Arun Nayyar in India at Mumbai and Udaipur respectively.

If needed Veena Gupta travels with the executive while their stay at the location to ensure that the assignment undertaken and logistics planed is executed seamlessly.

Executive Protection Planning

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