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At Seam Risk Solutions, we are your trusted partner for safety and security. With a focus on excellence and expertise, we offer a range of services tailored to your needs:

We specialize in Fire and Safety Training, empowering your team with essential knowledge and skills to handle emergencies effectively. Our Executive Protection services ensure the safety and peace of mind of your key personnel, no matter the circumstances. We provide top-tier Security Guard Training, preparing individuals for successful careers in security services, armed with professionalism and competence.

Fire and safety training

  • Trainings SMS
  • Safety management system
  • Fire safety gap analysis
  • Loss prevention training
  • HIRA DC - Hazard identification risk analysis and determining controls
  • Fire safety trainings
  • Air crew fire safety trainings
  • Air & Ship Cargo safety training
  • Petro industries fire safety training
  • Hazardous material handling training
  • CBRN training
  • Emergency planning
  • Fire safety plans
  • Fire NOC documentation
  • School fire safety training
  • Fire Marshals
  • Fire safety audits
  • First – Aid

Executive protection

  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management
  • Traveller Close Protection Tactics and Techniques/Self Defense
  • Advance Work and Site Surveys
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management
  • Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
  • Security Operations and Team Coordination
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Technology and Cyber security
  • Cultural Awareness and Protocol

Security Guard Training

Specialization & Training

Our basic training module includes capsules focused at creating vigilance, awareness and know-how; while the practical training for management staff and employees covers the following security aspects:

  • Fire prevention, detection, control and premises evacuation plans.
  • Executive, residential & women security.
  • Office/ work place security.
  • Crowd management.
  • Security aspects of reception and visitor management
  • Understanding various aspects of corporate, industrial and personal security.

The workforce is well equipped to assess activities, movements and handle sensitive situations, through mock drills and practice programs. Importantly, they are also trained to operate intelligently within the norms and culture of client sites or offices. The specialized security personnel trained and deployed by Seam Risk Solutions include: security agents, security officers, Lady Security executives, Marshals, Wardens and Armed / Unarmed security agents.

Value Adds

  • Every client site undergoes a survey by security specialists to determine the kind of deployment needed.
  • High level risk analyses are conducted for sensitive sites.
  • Crisis manuals and site/ post specific standard operating procedures are developed.
  • Training calendars are prepared and discussed with the clients.

Corporate Training Specialization & Training

  • Preparation of disaster management and business continuity plans are among our other activities involved with security.
  • Training of emergency response teams.
  • Evolving emergency procedures and evacuation drills.
  • Fire prevention and control.
  • First aid and Cardio – Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Defensive, tactical and evasive driving.
  • Women self-defense and safety.
  • High rise and commercial building security.
  • Work place violence.
  • Table top exercises to combat terrorism.
  • Designing cost-effective security systems


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