Executive Protection Specialization & Training

Security professionals provided for executive protection are mostly from experienced backgrounds like NSG, defence, and police personnel and trained martial arts experts. They are generally between 30 to 45 years of age. In addition to their past professional expertise, they are also trained in martial arts and the techniques of close combat.

This training is imparted at our training centre. The curriculum is based on international training standards and procedures for executive protection. Security personnel are trained to handle various complex situations and are imparted specific instructions on crowd management, interpersonal skills, martial arts, fire safety and first aid.


Seam Risk Solutions has a team of retired police officers who assist in establishing close liaison with government agencies since certain kinds of executive protection is a state subject.


Seam Risk Solutions has successfully handled a number of assignments providing personal and executive protection to high profile customers. The company has always taken care to keep intrusion or disturbance of their customers' normal day-to-day functioning to a minimum, without compromising on safety and efficiency. Executive protection is provided to government officials, delegations, politicians, models, celebrities, Dignitaries, diplomats, religious leaders, etc.

Transport Security

Seam Risk Solutions has developed processes that minimize operational irregularities in transport management and ensure the safety of employee’s .Transport is mostly an external operation and involves a number of inherent problems such as:

  • Mileage mismanagement & misuse of cabs.
  • Breaking of traffic laws by drivers.
  • Car breakdowns & accidents.
  • External threats such as car jacking, tailing and harassment.

All the above risks are beyond the organization's direct control. Since there are huge cost implications involved, it is imperative for the company to have an audit function in place that allows the organization to control and monitor such costs.

Specialization & Training

The escort and transport security personnel are imparted with specialized training to anticipate vulnerabilities, react in emergency situations keeping in mind safety of the employee, traffic control and fleet management. Our trained and vigilant security personnel are skilled in providing:

  • Inspection of the operating condition of vehicles.
  • Checking of relevant documents of the vehicles.
  • Route-wise allocation of vehicles for employees.
  • Preparation of daily MIS based on the distance covered by vehicles and other areas of operations.
  • Providing door to door escort services to all female employees.
  • Quick reaction team and escalation handling matrix designed to meet various types of emergencies.

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