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Security Assessment And Consultancy

Backed by a team of expert professionals, Seam Risk Solutions offers specialized solutions in Security Assessment Systems and Manpower Security Planning.

Security Assessments conducted by us include reviewing of site, design, and manpower, followed by recommendations to improve the overall security stance of the enterprise. We understand that an effective security regime involves clearly defined protocols, appropriate infrastructure, and skilled manpower. Our threat and vulnerability surveys provide a detailed picture of the existing security status and requirement of further plans and policies to mitigate risks. During Security Assessments, we look out for the efficiency of the following processes and suggest for improvements/modifications:

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  • Floor Layout and Design
  • Access Controls
  • Fire Safety Equipment, Solutions, & Procedures
  • CCTV Operations
  • Alarm Systems
  • Positioning of Security Guards
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Intruder Detection and Monitoring

At Seam Risk Solutions, we also provide Manpower Security Planning services, which enable organizations to undertake strategic decisions on deployment of security staff and appropriate resources. We assist our clients in identifying budgeting and staffing levels to ensure that a balanced and adept security regime is in place. Further, we also help in assessing the impacts of various scenarios on the deployment strategies.

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