Corporate Risk Solutions Consultancy

At Seam Risk Solutions, we offer Risk Solutions Consultancy Services to our corporate clients, thereby assisting them in identifying risk elements,

Preparing for untoward eventualities, and maintaining business continuity. Our seasoned professionals work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and advice simple and efficient plans and processes, with an overall objective of mitigating risks and augmenting profits.

Equipped with domain knowledge and extensive cross-sector experience, our team of experts adopts a collaborative approach towards Corporate Risk Solutions Consultancy. Ranging from risk assessment, reviewing of existing processes against established standards, suggesting best practice guidelines, to tailoring the most pragmatic solutions, we strive to assist our clients in maximizing opportunities. Based on the company’ position within the industry, budget, timeline, and the expected deliverables, we outline a plan which enables the client to accelerate their understanding of risk exposure and ways of deploying the most appropriate resources and strategies.

At Seam Risk Solutions, we provide consulting and risk management services in the following domains:

  • Crisis contingency plan (Design and implementation)
  • Surveillance and Electronic Security (Turnkey Solutions)
  • Fire Alarm and suppression system (Design, Installation and Execution)
  • Risk Assessments
  • BCM/BCP (Business Continuity Management & Business Continuity Planning)
  • Physical facility security blast mitigation, physical security and SOP’s
  • Facility and personnel security procedures
  • Safe city projects
  • Exclusive tourist facilities

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