Mall Management Planning

The Rising unrests and security threats, complex demographic structures, increasing intolerance among the masses, unstable political and social structures and huge resistance to change along with emergence of new markets and economies requires businesses to factor in the ‘Environment Study’ in their decision making process.

This makes business of all kinds’ hotels a potential target for various criminal activities. Hence, it is extremely crucial for business houses to implement an effective security program. At Seam Risk Solutions, we offer the following services for assisting our clients in corporate Security Program and Planning:

We prepare our customers to proactively anticipate potential security threats and develop tailor made operational protocols and procedures to counter them based on real life experiences and proven expertise in home land security. We provide today’s facility and security managers protocols, procedures, training, services and technology to enable a total enterprise risk management to prepare and respond instantly to any crisis. We provide you with a comprehensive review of your security arrangements and devise protocols that enhance your existing security strategy.

We work in tandem with our clients to mitigate their physical security risks. Our PSP team has worked across sectors, organizations, and geographies to significantly improve the security posture of our clients. We can assist you in:

  • Macro Environment Assessment / PESTEL for Greenfield projects (Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Economic, Legal)
  • Current state assessment and audit of existing security architecture, and formulating a CAP (Corrective Action Plan)
  • Designing ISS (Integrated Security system) based on Risk Assessment based site survey Of your premises (whether existing or Greenfield)
  • Changing the ‘People Culture’ towards security by creation of enterprise wide security Policies and procedures, and awareness training.
  • PMP based Project Management of your security projects to include initiation, Planning, rollout, tech specs, BOQ, bid-management, third party assessment, UAT (user Acceptance tests), compliances, project tracking and sign off.

Perimeter: Minimum Height of Perimeter wall is 8.2fts, Including CCTV coverage and surveillance detection team.

Physical: Trained Security team members in Predictive Indicator & Surveillance Detection, Vehicle Checking Procedure, Baggage Scanning, Physical Frisking, Bomb Threat Situation etc.

Technical: Latest equipments like: UVSS, LPR, Face Recognition System, Video Analytic System, Access Control Bio-Metric System etc. to have better access control and Security Checks.

Policies & Procedures: Better Policies & Procedures for preventing losses (Lives & Property) and react in the proper manner towards any untoward incident.

Intelligence: Gather Intelligence of any terrorist/suspicious activity in the City, State, Country or Region through Media, Local authorities and other sources.

Awareness: Intelligence information will shared with EXCOMM, HODs & Hotel team through Security Awareness Notice Board, Security Awareness posters in Heart of the House, Mails, Departmental Daily Briefings, trainings, General Manager’s Meeting with Staff etc.

  • Audits and Trainings: Audit will be conducted by third party yearly, Director Security on the weekly, fort-nightly & monthly on the security procedures and inspection points. Entire Hotel team members will go through security trainings like Bomb threat procedure, Armed Attacker & Hostage Keeping situation, Predictive Indicator & Surveillance Detection etc. Documentation is required for all Audits & trainings Security & Safety Reviews and Surveys
  • Threat Assessments
  • Consulting Services
  • Security Training Modules
  • Selection &Positioning of Security Agents/Security staff.
  • Provide Suggestions for Installation of Fire & Safety Systems

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