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Executive Protection Services

Our aim is to provide the best EXECUTIVE PROTECTION to all travellers. At Seam Risk Solutions, the core revolves around providing a proactive and high level of security coverage to our esteemed clients.

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With a commitment to ensure supreme standards of safety and privacy, our Executive Protection services provide peace of mind to our clients, thereby enabling them to remain focused on their day-to-day functioning. We comprehend that to provide an effective protection service, it is imperative to first understand the client's requirements, profile of the traveler, the travel program, and the associated risks. Based on these factors conjoined with our skills, foresight, experience, and intelligence information, we co-ordinate each assignment, by working on strategies and logistics, right from the Arrival at the airport - Hotel , Meetings - Seminars - local sightseeing shopping etc.

With an objective of precisely meeting our client's needs and profile, protection agents deployed by us undergo a rigorous screening in terms of experience, skill sets, personality, qualifications, and working style. Our team of highly trained agents works on the theological ground of protecting the well-being of the customer by identifying potential threats and mitigating risks.

Reasons why one should opt for our Executive Protection Services are as follows:

We provide an array of Executive Protection agents, including Close-in, Standoff, Unarmed, and Unobtrusive professionals. Our protection agents are not mere bodyguards, but they also play the role of advisers. All our security professionals possess adequate skill set and training to provide an optimum level of security to our clients. We provide specialized protection services to celebrities, executive travelers, senior professionals of corporate houses, and media personnel. We adopt Route Surveys to determine the fastest and safest route to the intended destination of our clients, including the nearby medical facilities.

Secured Ground Transportation

Equipped by a team of highly skilled security professionals, we offer Secure Ground Transport Services to our esteemed clients. Based on security threats of the destination and the profile of the traveler, we outline a comprehensive travel program to ensure the highest level of comfort and security to our customers.

Ranging from simple airport transfers to extended transport service, we ensure that our clients experience a safe and productive trip.

Whether our client is on a business trip or on a vacation, our highly trained operators are adept at applying actionable intelligence, reacting promptly and appropriately to mitigate the security obstacles which our customers may face during the trip. Our operators possess adequate knowledge, foresight, endurance, and experience, enabling them to offer a best in class transportation Service. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements of each transport operation, so that the resultant travel program is foolproof and stress-free. All our vehicles come equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) to ensure a direct route and a timely response. Today, we are the trusted partner for several organizations for Secure Ground Transport Services. Reasons why one should make us their foremost choice are as follows.

Our Secured Ground Transportation.

Access to the latest intelligence information. Fleet of latest model sedans, passenger vans, and luxury limos. Supply of armored vehicles. An array of trained drivers with expertise in driving safely and avoiding accidents. Defensive Driving Experts. Law Enforcement Escorts. The vehicles available with us include SUV-MUV-VAN Commercial Vehicles, such as, Toyota Innova, Mercedez-Viano, Toyota - Fortuner, Ford Endeavor, Crafters, Tempo Traveler, Mini Bus, and many more. High Class Sedans include all kinds of clauses in Mercedez-BMW-Honda-Toyota and basic Sedan, such as, Corolla, Honda Accord and more, are also available.

Business Traveler Security

While preparing for a business trip, it is of paramount importance to carefully consider the safety and security of travelers. A business travel to a different city or halfway round the world, may impose threats, particularly if the destination is an endangered land.

The most high-profile of the client is also an inducing factor for potential risks and threats. Powered by latest information intelligence and a pool of skilled & experienced professionals, we provide Business Traveler Security to our corporate clients. We completely understand the implications of a business trip, and hence constantly strive to enhance its productivity by ensuring an anxiety-free experience to our business travelers. A safe and comfortable business trip enables professionals to divert all their energies towards the primary goal of clinching tangible benefits for their business.

Based on the profile and travel program of our client, we also render information on domains, such as, possible threats, precautions, preventive security methods, handling hostile environments, responding to risks, and more. Services offered by us in the Business Traveler Security segment are as follows:

  • Airport Meet and greet.
  • Secured Ground Transportation.
  • Executive Protection.
  • Security Briefings.
  • Route Survey

Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation

Seam Risk Solutions has been the leader in aviation safety & security since its inception in 2005. Our intelligence and operations division work in tandem with Seam global agent network to provide risk management and on-the-ground support services for flight departments at home and abroad.

Our Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation:

At Seam Risk Solutions, we ensure the safety and comfort of our esteemed clients, at every stage of their trip. Backed by a team of highly trained professionals, our Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation department offers amicable and competent services to our customers. We precisely comprehend the feeling of landing in an unfamiliar place. We understand that under such circumstances, a reassuring face evokes a sense of complacency and security to the traveler, thus enabling him to feel at ease. Services rendered by us in this segment are as follows:

  • Greetings the traveler at the arrival / departure gate
  • Speaking to the client in a language understood by him
  • Escorting the customer through customs and immigration departments, and helping in expediting the process
  • Providing assistance in baggage collection and document handling
  • Escorting the traveler to the waiting chauffeur / departure gate of the connecting flight / hotel lobby

We also help our customers in avoiding long car park queues and transfer buses. During departure, we assist our clients in airport parking, by driving their car to the secured parking compound, enabling the client to directly proceed towards the check-in department. Subsequently, on arrival, we return the car keys to the client, at the terminal, so that the traveler may instantly drive back home.

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