Fire Alarm (Detection) Systems

We, at Seam Risk Solutions, are a leading supplier and installer of Fire Alarm Systems. With our strong technical expertise and extensive experience, we offer economical products and services to ensure peace of mind of our patrons.

Products and Services:

We offer high-quality Fire Alarm Equipments, including:

  • Heat and Smoke Detection Systems
  • Flame Detectors
  • Smoke Beams
  • Air-Sampling and Wire-Free Systems
  • Automatic Door and Ventilation Controls
  • Audio and Visual Warning Systems
  • Remote Monitoring and Fire Brigade Signalling Systems

Why Us?

Adept at handling various emergency situations, we offer installation and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems. With an array of clients including offices, residence buildings, co-operative societies, shopping malls, factories, hospitals, restaurants, clubs, and more we take pride in our prompt & effective services.

With an innovative approach towards delivering business value, we have a deep understanding of the nature and behavior of fire. Our team excels in offering practical and unbiased advice on fire prevention & critical situations. Our engineers, trained to deliver superior quality of work, exhibit tidy work ethics, and constantly endeavor to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We offer a full remote monitoring service via WLS's dedicated central station to ensure instantaneous fire brigade response in case of a fire.

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