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VIP Protection Officers/ Armed & Unarmed

Seam Risk Solutions India is proud to be a knowledge leader in the security industry. We at Seam have a team professional instructional staff. Our instructors are best in the industry which includes Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and other senior defence and police officers. We provide training capsules to corporate based on their specific needs.

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Assist managements to formulate/ upgrade crisis management, emergency response and business continuity plans & manuals.

VIP Protection Officers/ Armed & Unarmed-

Male Body Guard

Seam provides VIPs armed or unarmed personal protection by highly competent, confidential and reliable close protection agents. Many Seam escorts have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and security.

Most have received specialized training that includes firearms, law, social sciences, sensitivity and dignitary protection. Each agent must pass an extensive background check and undergo drug screening in order to represent Seam. Seam provides you with more than a bodyguard service. Through extensive preparation and planning on the client's behalf, we tailor our services to your specific needs. This advance preparation guarantees that our close protective services remain discrete and dignified leaving you safe and secure.

This is why Seam is the first choice to be called upon to provide personal protection escorts for:

  • Political leaders.
  • Entertainment stars.
  • Foreign dignitaries.
  • Corporate leaders.

Women- Body Guarding- Female Body Guard

Most people think that women do not make good bodyguards, due to lack of physical strength. However, I firmly believe that women are equally capable of protecting themselves, their family, and the society. In fact, women bodyguards are more discrete as compared to their male counterparts. A well-trained lady bodyguard not only provides physical protection, but also identifies issues and problems, before they pose a threat to the client. During my training sessions, we ensure that each lady bodyguard is fully adept at assessing situations, operating weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and carrying out other essential activities, required for security of the client. By integrating reality-based situational scenarios in the training program, I make sure that each candidate undertakes a proactive approach towards the safety of her client.

In today’s world of crime and violence, protecting a C-level talent is of paramount importance. A CEO invariably makes enemies, either because of his/her financial standing, or because of business interest.

A Woman is all the more vulnerable towards being a potential target. Protecting a Woman does not only include the typical body guarding service, but it also encompasses home-security systems and safety in an aircraft. In a nutshell, it comprises protecting the client at office, home, on the road, or in the air.

While training and preparing candidates for protection services, I ensure to equip them with all the necessary skill set, combating techniques, behavioral intelligence, and other essential capabilities, which helps them in carrying out their assignment with utmost efficiency and productivity.

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