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Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation

Seam Risk Solutions has been the leader in aviation safety & security since its inception in 2005. Our intelligence and operations division work in tandem with Seam global agent network to provide risk management and on-the-ground support services for flight departments at home and abroad.

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Our Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation:

At Seam Risk Solutions, we ensure the safety and comfort of our esteemed clients, at every stage of their trip. Backed by a team of highly trained professionals, our Airport Meet and Greet Facilitation department offers amicable and competent services to our customers. We precisely comprehend the feeling of landing in an unfamiliar place. We understand that under such circumstances, a reassuring face evokes a sense of complacency and security to the traveller, thus enabling him to feel at ease. Services rendered by us in this segment are as follows:

  • Greetings the traveller at the arrival / departure gate
  • Speaking to the client in a language understood by him
  • Escorting the customer through customs and immigration departments, and helping in expediting the process
  • Providing assistance in baggage collection and document handling
  • escorting the traveller to the waiting chauffeur / departure gate of the connecting flight / hotel lobby

We also help our customers in avoiding long car park queues and transfer buses. During departure, we assist our clients in airport parking, by driving their car to the secured parking compound, enabling the client to directly proceed towards the check-in department. Subsequently, on arrival, we return the car keys to the client, at the terminal, so that the traveller may instantly drive back home.