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Corporate Executive/VIP Protection

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An executive protection assignment is only as strong as its weakest link; this means having all the moving parts properly in place, synchronized and strong at all times for total principal protection. The five basics should include:

INTELLIGENCE. Ongoing intelligence on potential threats within your operational area. Working with known and trusted local law enforcement contacts to identify and avoid any potentially dangerous activities while on assignment.

ADVANCE WORK. Conducting advance planning to identify potential vulnerabilities, best security and logistical options at each location your principal is scheduled to appear as well as safe heavens.

SECURITY DRIVER/VEHICLES. Trained security drivers who apply knowledge and skill everyday on the road; during normal driving situations, manoeuvring the vehicle at varying speeds, in heavy traffic and in difficult circumstances for ground transportation safety for your principal. Utilizing discrete low-profile vehicles in excellent condition.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION PERSONNEL. Executive protection personnel who apply knowledge and skill in the protection of the principal’s personal security, keeping situational aware and alert to the possibility of a safety or security risk.

HALLS & WALLS AGENTS/VENUE SECURITY. Vetted and trustworthy personnel who keep alert the entire shift, who take the job seriously and perform professionally. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and an EP assignment is after all a chain. Keep safe and God speed.

Our Executive Protection Service includes:

  • Secured Ground Transportation.
  • Airport Meet and greet.
  • Female Bodyguard.
  • Security drivers.
  • Corporate VIP protection.
  • Armed / Unarmed Agents.
  • Security Escort Managers.
  • Event Security Marshals.
  • Heritage Walking Tour.
  • Travel and Tour Services.