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Strategy & SOP's

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    A. Return to Work

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    B. Social Distancing Demarcation

  • SOP and Design through floor signs / posters.
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    C. Facility Assessment Covid SOP

  • Audit and safety procedure
  • Security policies
  • Building access / CCTV management
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    D. Employee Safety - Online & Physical Workshops

  • Mental, Emotional Social Media, Home Safety & Stress Management
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    E. Awareness & Trainings - Online Module

  • WFH remedies and safety measures
  • POSH - remedies and measures / Women safety & self defence
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F. Technology Integration & Installation Covid -19

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    G. Safety Signages & Instruction Posters

    • Area of Operations Hospitals, Workplaces, Residential Area, Bus Terminals, Metro, Railways, Airport, Malls, Multiplexes
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    H. Facility Sanitization & Disinfection Solutions & Service

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    I. Managed Services Covid-19

    • Manpower Solutions
    • Security screening agents
    • Facility covid manager
    • Covid protection agents

We are here to help with COVID-19 concerns